When Lyle Wolf’s father passed away, he had to deal with the challenges of being the Executer for the estate and dealing with four siblings. This included selling the house in another state, disposing of all the home’s 50 years of contents, and dealing with the distribution of assets to his brothers and sisters scattered in other states as well. He has been there, and he understands what dealing with the loss of a loved one is like and handling all the problems, issues, and challenges in the Probate process. 
Lyle and his successful family-based real estate team (which includes wife Sima, son Ian, and other licensed professionals), pride themselves on helping people. For 30 years they have been helping people aged 50 and older deal with the issues and challenges of downsizing from their long held homes. So it was not a stretch for Lyle and his team to specialize in helping people through the probate process, especially dealing with the real estate.
Sima Wolf is also an accredited and experienced Home Stager. Their popular 2-hour Free Seminar on Home Staging and Marketing is held at various Morris County libraries and other locations throughout the year.

Lyle Wolf

REALTOR® and Probate Expert